William Penn Quaker Workcamps have a growing presence in Washington DC, literally as well as figuratively. Through relationships, we have installed over 50 vegetable gardens in yards and on porches of DC residents in primarily under-served communities in the last year alone, as part of our engagement in the urban garden movement that started 5 years ago. 
In addition, we regularly attend Our Daily Bread, a daily fellowship breakfast at Capitol Hill United Methodist Church
And help with Capitol Hill Group Ministries' outreach and service to people living on the streets
And help local leaders with other environmental and community activities
We are led by the likes of Janey Boyd, Rob Farley, and Brian Rodgers, and inspired by the good works of folks like those at the Southeast White House.
In addition to DC, we have led Workcamps to New Orleans, West Virginia and Pine Ridge South Dakota. Our past informs our future, but does not dictate it. Each action and engagement has influence. We welcome yours.