William Penn Quaker Workcamps

Simplicity, peace, integrity, community and equality are important values for Quakers. These are also the values that flow through all of William Penn House's programs and our facilities. We believe that peace can only be achieved through justice and equality in our communities and these can only be achieved when we all can live with greater peace, simplicity and integrity. William Penn Quaker Workcamps are opprtunities to practice this while keeping William Penn's vision of The Peaceable Kingdom in our sights.

The 3 Principles of William Penn Quaker Workcamps are:

  1. Mindfulness: The practice of being in the moment, putting assumptions and fears aside as we practice openness to seeing things as they are, not as we wish to be or fear that they are.
  2. Connectedness to Place: This includes connectedness to the place where we are doing service, as well as using the deeper personal connections we have developed to connect more to where we live every day.
  3. Service: When we practice the first two well, this third principle flows from real need rather than assumed need, and has more authenticity and sustainability.

We do all of this by flowing through quiet reflection, worship, sharing, service activities, and play. Our Workcamps are really one long conversation that takes place through this variety of activities. An example of the kinds of questions we ask participants to consider as they prepare to join us in any of our programs can be found here.

Here is a pdf brochure explaining more about William Penn Quaker Workcamps.

There are many ways for people to participate:

At present, we offer two Workcamps that are open to individuals of all ages.

  • "Community Gardens/Community Health in the Capital" is a week-long Quaker Workcamp held in Washington DC in late June/early July. It is a great way to see the Capital from unique vantage points missed by most visitors and many DC residents, while participating in festivals and festivities around July 4.
  • "Pine Ridge Workcamp" continues the long-held Quaker commitment to restorative justice for Native Americans. This two-week Workcamp with the Lakota community in South Dakota engages participants in issues of future sustainability while honoring sacred traditions, and takes place the last two weeks of July into early August.

We work with groups of all ages to tailor single and multi-day service/mission programs for people coming to Washington, DC. Quaker Workcamps have a long history of providing service to promote peace. Our William Penn Quaker Workcamps (WPQW) are tailored to use the community, environmental, cultural, historical and political resources in this city to give groups experiences that deepen and broaden their understanding of social justice, environmental and other modern-day issues. We also develop Quaker Workcamps in rural WV and in New Orleans, so if your group or congregation is interested in either of those or Pine Ridge, SD, please contact us. In addition to WPQW, we work with universities to develop programs with greater emphasis on seminar-style learning. Please contact us to discuss creating a powerful learning experience.

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Meeting for Worship: Daily at 7:30 AM.
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